Learn the secrets behind what it takes

to make millions shooting stock footage.


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In six and a half years, I’ve led a team at Uberstock that has sold over 56,000 stock

footage clips through websites like Shutterstock.com, iStockphoto.com,

Gettyimages.com and Pond5.com. Those clips have generated nearly $4,000,000 in

sales and over $1,600,000 in royalties to my company.


In response to numerous questions we’ve received over the years, I’ve organized our thoughts,

tips and tricks in a book that outlines all the strategies we employ at Uberstock that help us

produce and sell our footage.


After three years of writing in stops and starts, the book is ready to be released in early

December. I want to share it with current and future stock footage producers so they, too,

 can have fun and earn serious money doing what they love. In nearly 200 pages, I outline

all the steps we go through at Uberstock to produce our footage, including:


- Strategy

- Research

- Casting

- Directing

- Camera work

- Lighting

- Editing

- Keywording

- Marketing

- And much more…


If you’re already shooting stock footage, I’ll teach you new ways to maximize your

time and efforts to earn more from your efforts. If you’re thinking about shooting

stock footage, I’ll show you what it takes to do what’s necessary to get not only a great

financial return, but also a fantastic creative and emotional return as well.


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