“Stock Footage Millionaire is, by far, the most complete guide to producing stock footage published to date.”

Jim Goertz (aka VCR), Director, Video Content Development, iStockphoto

“Stock Footage Millionaire… leaves no stone unturned, and offers the detailed workings of one of the world’s most successful video contributors.”

David Baumber (aka Multifocus), Director, Wailing Banshee Ltd.

“It’s a rare opportunity to get a complete and organized brain-dump from someone currently operating at the peak of his industry.”

Lee Torrens, microstockdiaries.com


From a single $2 sale in 2007, Robb Crocker and his team built a business, Uberstock, based on a library of clips that have sold over 70,000 times and have generated nearly $7 million in revenue and over $2.7 million in royalties. Now, in Stock Footage Millionaire, Robb shares the definitive strategy for producing and selling stock footage. In this book, you’ll find the tips, tricks and techniques used by some of the world’s leading stock footage producers. If you’re already producing, you will discover new ways to refine your efforts and ensure that you’re maximizing the return—financial, creative, and emotional—on your investment. And if you’re new to this fun and exciting industry, you’ll discover the fundamentals you need to shortcut your path to higher earnings. From capturing a market niche to choosing your equipment to directing to managing production, Stock Footage Millionaire can help you master every aspect of the business—and earn a fortune.


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Robb is an impassioned founder of three different companies, including Funnelbox Inc., an award winning video strategy agency; Uberstock, one of the world’s leading stock footage content providers; and Flixio, an industry leading digital signage content company. He has spent the past 17 years learning how to best help clients, partners, employees and friends reach their best and highest potential … in whatever they decide to do in their life and career. Robb speaks on the subjects of small business leadership, business video, video strategy, and stock footage production. He has authored Stock Footage Millionaire and is currently working on his second book about video strategy for small business. Robb has directly or indirectly produced and/or directed thousands of videos for organizations large and small including: Nike, HP, Intel, Microsoft, AT&T and Toyota. He is active in YPO, EO and YEC. Robb lives near Portland, Oregon with his wife, Dana and their three children. He’s active in local philanthropic organizations and local government. He loves to golf, maintain his small orchard, and play with his beautiful little girls … and he especially loves helping others reach their best and highest potential through speaking, coaching and encouraging greatness.



“Anyone who calls themselves a videographer or cinematographer should read this book. As someone who works with thousands of stock footage contributors, this book is a comprehensive layout of what one must learn and do to become a top stock footage earner. From purchasing equipment, to preproduction, field production and postproduction, Stock Footage Millionaire covers it all in a comprehensive and exciting way. Robb Crocker has created an important resource for videographers – this is a must-read for people who are already involved or new to the stock footage marketplace.”

Tom Spota, Director of Video Acquisition, Shutterstock

“About 8 years ago I started selling my time-lapse videos online and was instantly hooked. I soon realized that this hobby could actually turn into a business. I started to research and read everything I could find relating to stock footage production– to my surprise there was virtually nothing out there written on the subject. For years I stumbled along with rejections and re-shoots, learning from lots of trial and er- ror. Robb’s book Stock Footage Millionaire finally takes the guesswork out of shooting stock footage, Robb has taken his years of experience and compiled it clearly in his book. Whether you are just starting out in stock footage or a full time shooter Stock Footage Millionaire is a must read!”

Daniel Hurst, VIA Films

“If you’re a still photographer considering video production, read this book. If you’re videographer and want to grow your revenue and profits, read this book. Robb explores in detail everything involved in successful stock video production. He emphasizes the importance of careful preproduction planning for any videographer who hopes to consistently produce salable video clips. Full-time stock video produc- tion is not easy. It is about figuring out what will be in demand and producing it efficiently. Stock Footage Millionaire will give you the tools you need to be an efficient producer, or help you decide if producing stock video is for you.”

Jim Pickerell, Editor, Selling-Stock.com